We Wanted a Revolution: Black Radical Women, 1965-85

PROJECT → Design | 101317

Exhibition design with Chu+Gooding Architects (Annie Chu) Curators: Catherine Morris and Rujeko Hockley for the Brooklyn Museum October 13, 2017 – January 14, 2018 California African American Museum Naima J. Keith, Deputy Director, Exhibitions and Programs “We believe that the most profound and potentially the most radical politics come directly out of our own identity, […]

Visual Voyages

PROJECT → Design | 091617

Images of Latin American Nature from Columbus to Darwin Part of the Getty’s Pacific Standard Time: LA/LA Exhibition design with Chu+Gooding Architects and Katherine Kwan Design (graphics). (Design team: Annie Chu, Katherine Kwan, Rick Gooding, Michael Matteucci, Karena Auseth, Michelle Avila, Felix Ly, Jacqueline Wei, with assistance by Sabreen Alshawaa, Nooshin Moosavi, and Shamane Morejon) Curators: Catherine […]

Albert Frey and Lina Bo Bardi: A Search for Living Architecture

PROJECT → Design | 09917

Part of the Getty’s Pacific Standard Time: LA/LA Exhibition design with Bestor Architecture (Barbara Bestor, Henry Cheung, Elinor Nissley, Genevieve Enriquez, and Hana Lemseffer). Curators: Daniell Cornell and Zeuler Lima Exhibition advisors: Cathrine Veikos and Sidney Williams Fabrication/production: LA Fabrica, Blik Products/Projects Photographs by Lance Gerber. September 9, 2017 – January 7, 2018 Palm Springs Art Museum Architecture and […]

Rodney McMillian: Views of Main Street

PROJECT → Design | 032416

Exhibition design with Chu+Gooding Architects (Annie Chu). Curator: Naima J. Keith. Photograph by Adam Reich. March 24 – June 26, 2016 The Studio Museum in Harlem “It feels like [the] fabric [of American society] is very fragile right now. And, all it would take would be one string to pull it apart. But maybe that […]